Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monopoly - Community Chest

You know the square, pick up a card. Go to jail, get out of jail free, pay school fees, it's your birthday collect £10, Life insurance matures collect £100, Pay hospital fees of £100, etc.

In the UK if you have an accident you will be rescued. You will be treated in hospital and you wont be asked to show an insurance card first.
One of the organisations that may be called out to rescue you is the London Air Ambulance,. Road accidents, falls from heights, stabbings, shootings, all in a day's work for them.
They are a charity and need to raise funds. Last weekend a few brave souls abseiled off this building at Canary Wharf and convinced friends family and the general public to donate for their bravery or is that madness. Looked pretty scary to me.

Next fund raising event is a road race in July. You can enter or donate or both.

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