Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monopoly - Go

I will be travelling for a couple of weeks, while I'm on my adventure I am going to take you on your very own adventure.
The board game "monopoly" celebrated its 75th anniversary last year. The original design was created by Quaker Elizabeth Magie in 1903. She wanted to demonstrate through play that property enriched landlords and impoverished tenants.
However it was in 1935 that the Parker Brothers took the concepts of this design and created the game we now know as monopoly. As part of the 75th anniversary celebrations of this later game, Ordnance Survey worked with monopoly to produce a bespoke map and discover where GO actually is.

Using this map you are going to travel around the monopoly board over the next few weeks.
We begin today with GO: Lambeth North Tube Station.

“By using Ordnance Survey’s latest digital product, OS VectorMap District, we were able to accurately locate “Go”. We mapped the positions of Mayfair and Old Kent Road, which sit either side of “Go”, and then accurately calculated that Lambeth North tube station was the central point between the two and therefore the location of “Go”
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