Saturday, February 26, 2011


New Zealander's are a hardy bunch, not much that they can't do. They invented bungy jumping. Who else would think tying a rubber band around your ankles and jumping off a cliff was fun?

However the recent disaster in Christchurch is too much even for the hardy bunch they are. This earthquake will be NZ's worst ever disaster. And it's not over yet. After shocks will continue for some time. The death toll has reached 145. Parts of the city are still without water and electricity.
Here is a link to see some of the devastation.

NZ is small. Just 4 million people. Everyone knows someone in Christchurch. Rebuilding is going to take a long time. Yes there is insurance and the earthquake fund. I've just done a quick calculation, taking the estimated costs at the moment and deducting the insurance and earthquake fund. Looks to me as though there will still be something in the region of 4 billion to find. That's an awful lot of money for 4 million people to find.

Just a small donation from each of you will help people rebuild their lives.

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