Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Theme Day - Time

Today is post 1000 for aglimpseoflondon.
As the first of the month it is also theme day for CDP bloggers this month is time. So I did a little research to see what happened in London 1000 years ago.

What I found was that a bloke who became known as St Edmund the Martyr who was king of East Anglia, becoming a saint shortly after his death in 869 he died in battle fighting the heathens. As was the case in these days bodies of the dead were frequently moved to keep them safe or in one piece. Well it appears that in the year 1010 his body was carried through creplegate (later spelled cripplegate) on route to St Gregory's Church.

Cripplegate was one of the gates in London wall, which I discovered stood on the part of London Wall Rd where it intersects Wood Rd. This now leads into the Barbican Estate.

Just inside the Barbican at this point stands St Giles Church. You were wondering how I was going to weave my photo into this story weren't you. St Giles church was originally built in 1090, named after the patron saint of cripples and beggars. They all hung out around this part of the city, hence the name of the this gate in the wall.
Much of this area was heavily bombed in the WWII. Amazingly St Giles survived.

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