Monday, October 11, 2010

Next Year's Holiday

A train in the park? London is always full of surprises. It was a promotion showing off the new trains Eurostar plans to introduce in 2011. They'll whisk us between London and Paris in 2 hours - reducing the current journey time by 15 minutes. There are plans to take in other destinations in Europe as well. Amsterdam could be a mere 4 hours away.

Flying out of London these days takes a whole day by the time you have travelled to the airports, passed security and crossed your fingers that your baggage will actually turn up at the other end.

However, a row has now broken out between the French and English members of the Eurotunnel ruling committee. The trains are German made and the French members are saying they will not meet tunnel standards for electrical safety. The English members are saying they will and the real issue is that they did not select French made trains. Alors!!

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