Monday, July 26, 2010

Mannheim by Mark Alexander

As part of St Paul's Cathedral Arts Project two exciting new works by British Artist mark Alexander hang either side of the nave. They look magnificent on the plain stone walls.
I cant think of anywhere else they would look so stunning. Make the effort to go and see these works, there for the summer.

Both entitled Red Mannheim, Alexander’s large red silkscreens are inspired by the Mannheim
Cathedral altarpiece (1739-41), which was looted by Allied forces after an air raid in the Second
World War. The original sculpture depicts Christ on the cross, surrounded by a familiar retinue
of mourners. Rendered in splendid gilt wood, with Christ’s wracked body sculpted in relief, and
the flourishes of flora and incandescent rays from heaven, this masterpiece of the German
Rococo is an object of ravishing beauty and intense piety.

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