Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Madam Tussaud and Super Heros

Madam Tussuad's life was rich and fascinating, let alone the legacy she has left behind. Learning her craft from the age of 17, art tutor to Louis XIV's sister at Versailles and making death masks of murdered aristocrats during the revolution.
She came to London in the early 19th century as part of a travelling exhibition and rogue show. Our first sensationalist newspaper? In 1835 her exhibition found a permanent home at its current site in Baker Street.
My visit last weekend to the preview of the Marvel Super Hero's 4D experience was the first time I had entered the doors of this establishment. The wax models of the celebrities, politicians and other famous people was as I expected.
The rest of the experience was not. The TV studio, the chamber of horrors (not for the feint hearted) the taxi ride through centuries of London's history.
Then hall of hero's for inactive super hero action. The gallery, the super hero test area and the command centre.
But the 4D movie experience was simply WOW! You are part of the action. A 3D movie with the added extra-sensory 4th dimension. You feel the action from water and smoke to tremors beneath your feet. This is better than any virtual ride I have experienced anywhere in the world. Way cool. GO!

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