Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last Days

Only a few days left now until polling day next Thursday.

Passing through King's Cross station in a whirl of security and paparazzi last night there was clearly a "no entering into discussion with the public" caveat on Gordon Brown. This is obviously for fear of repeating the "that woman" comments that have almost scuppered any chance of re-election for the labour party - well according to the media anyway which is full of it. So the 'ordinary woman' who just happened to be waiting at the station last night (to meet someone arriving on the same train I assume) was no doubt surprised in having to make do with a simple "Hello nice to meet you" as Gordon whizzed by with Sarah.

If the polls are right then come next Friday Gordon will have much more time to spend chatting with the ordinary people - well at least the ordinary people moving his furniture out of 10 Downing street on that day.

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