Sunday, March 28, 2010


These carts and their drivers are what saves us from wading through a rubbish tip every day.

Ever tried to find a rubbish bin in London? Rare as hens teeth they are. Something to do with terrorists. We have these laws that put us all under suspicion of what I'm not sure. Councils however use these laws to see what we do with our rubbish.
You are encouraged to send photos of anyone you see littering, flytipping (that's colloquial for putting your rubbish in someone else's bin) and other such activities. Councils themselves have been known to clamber up ladders to keep an eye on the elderly in case an apple core or two makes into Joanna Smith's bin. An excellent use of anti terrorist law. We have plenty to fear from apple core vandals.
Discussion is also taking place about putting chips in our bins to analyse what we do with our waste. Did you put that council flyer in the recycle bin or did you burn it creating unnecessary co2 emissions.
Couldn't we just have a few more bins on the streets guys?

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