Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Tuesday

Go go go... flip those pancakes, don't slide over, keep your hat on and above all have fun.

That's what happens in the city on a wet Shrove Tuesday. What's it all about, besides grown men and women making fools of themselves in an oh so British way.

Well, one of the stories goes back to1445. A woman in Olney (rhymes with pony) was making pancakes, when she heard the "shriving bell". So important is shriving, (What is shriving? Answer: Confession.) that she ran to church apron flying, pan still in hand and pancake flying through the air. The women of Olney have been recrecreating the race every year since.

At Guild hall the race is from more recent times. Starting in 2004, thanks to the poulters, who supply the eggs, this lively fun event has been growing each year. Even the Old Bailey gets in on the act now.

Teams of four race across the courtyard at guild hall, each contestant must flip their pancake mid way, then return and repeat the process.

A deluge of rain and thunder overhead did not deter the teams as they bravely tossed their sodden pancakes in the air sliding to the finish line.
So impressive this sport is to be introduced as a new entry in the 2012 Olympics.

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